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Strange House Walkthrough

This is for the itouch app, Strange House. I couldn't find a set walkthrough, so I'll just put this here. I had help from reading the few hints scattered around, but I figured most of this out by myself.



A/N: For a fill on part VI on Homesmut. It's based off of the game Organ Trail, a parody of Oregon Trail that involves zombies. (http://hatsproductions.com/organtrail.html). Pretty much name the 5 characters after homestuck characters and play.

Link to thread+fill: http://homesmut.livejournal.com/10240.html?thread=18529536#t18529536

I will occasionally add unfinished versions of parts not yet included at Homesmut. I think I'll end up cutting this post up into various smaller posts for each event later on. I'm just going to give each part various cuts to different parts in that one post.

Unlike the original request, I'm did not finish my playthrough and then write. I'm playing as I write so I have no idea what will happen in the end.

This fic is a collection of various events that have happened in my playthrough. I'm writing about most of the events in the game. Events that occur are usually just a few hours apart unless stated otherwise.

I will probably skip all of the 'you lost one day because of ----' and I will not mention a few locations. Everything that happens in here actually did happen. Well, the basics anyway. It's not like I actually met a family of 4 in the game or 2 survivors hiding out in a cave. I made those up.

I'm trying to work in some John/Karkat and Dave/Terezi in, but don't expect sloppy makeouts. It's not only just because I suck at blatantly writing pairings, but it's because I just don't think the setting in this fic is an ideal time for it. *EXCUSES*

The kids/trolls in this fic are only a little older than 13. 15, maybe? It is Post-Sburb.

WARNINGS: I've been trying to try out different POV styles, but I think it's a bit wonky in this. There are probably tense errors, and I apologize. I'm going to clean this up when I'm done.
Also, I haven't really given much though to the post-sburb world they're all in. Are trolls normal in this place? Is it a mix of Earth and Alternia? I really should've given it more thought and I apologize.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun playing the game and writing this fic, so I hope someone out there will be able to look past my errors and enjoy this too. *bows*

Part 1: The journey finally beginsCollapse )

Part 2: In which gas is carelessly lostCollapse )

Part 3: Dave proves that money somehow still has valueCollapse )

Part 4: The group reach the mall, though sadly without any Dead Rising or Dawn of the Dead shenanigansCollapse )
Part 5: In which Karkat gets sick because drinking dirty water is never a good thingCollapse ) 

Part 6: Someone gets bitCollapse )
Part 7: John finds food, though he kinda wishes he didn't at the same timeCollapse )

Part 8: Because the game thought Terezi wasn't suffering enoughCollapse )

Oregon Trail Tiem, y/y?


Fuck yesCollapse )




PotatoesCollapse )

In which Italy has a problem

And in which I am a horrible person. Seriously, what is wrong with me.


Epic Fic List of Recs

Okay, I told myself I'd slowly grow a list of amazing fics I've read. Plus I'm bored right now. Fics listed may not be perfect or even my current fandom, but they've been burned into my mind because of how amazing they are.

Just a wee warning. Most of these are rated M or contain slash.

I have a link to each fic, original summary, what game/show/anime/ect it's from, rating, pairing (if any), status and a wee paragraph with my own thoughts about each fic.

(May, 8th) EDIT: Added one fic to the list.