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Strange House Walkthrough

This is for the itouch app, Strange House. I couldn't find a set walkthrough, so I'll just put this here. I had help from reading the few hints scattered around, but I figured most of this out by myself.

Tape: On the front door. First floor.
Hawk tile: Between the wall and the left bookcase. First floor.
Eggplant tile: Underneath the table with the fishbowl. First floor.
Fuji Tile: Hidden behind the blue+gold tapestry on the wall closet to the front door. First floor.
Red Eye: From the animal puzzle in the snake's mouth. First floor.
Blue Eye: Obtained after completing the 4 seasons puzzle. Second floor.
Africa piece: Obtained from the red line+map puzzle. First floor.
North America Piece: Obtained from the 5dl, 3dl, 4dl puzzle in the sink. Bathroom on second floor.
Metal Tongs: In pot on top of the fireplace. First Floor.
1st monkey statue: Obtained after giving the statue her eyes back. It is in the small compartment right under the bust. Second floor.
2nd monkey statue: Inside the upstairs clock. You need the minute and hour hand from the broken clock downstairs.
3rd monkey statue: Inside the globe after you place the 2 continent pieces in. Second floor.
Hose: Inside the broken compartment under the globe and the phone. Need to hit it with the metal tongs. Second floor.
Minute hand and Hour hand: From the broken clock downstairs. Each hand has a code you need to put into the phone upstairs. When you put the right code in, a hand will fall off.

PUZZLES (Spoilers whited out inside parenthesis)
NOTE: Most of the answers to these puzzles can be figured out by looking at hints from books from the right bookshelf downstairs. There are 5 shelves, each with a hint book.
The Barred Door: Need to place the 3 tiles in the right order. You can go to the second floor after this.
Hint: The tan book on the top shelf, upper half. (
Fuji, hawk, eggplant)

3 Animals: Need to place the lion, hawk and snake in the right order. YOU NEED TO INSPECT THE WRITING OF EACH AND THE HINT SCRAWLED ONTO THE SAME TABLE BEFORE YOU CAN MOVE THEM. You get the Red Eye from this.
Lion, Snake, Hawk)

4 Seasons: Need to swap the snow, dusk, night and dawn tiles to their respective season. You get the Blue Eye from this.
Hint: The black book on the second shelf, upper half. (
Spring is dawn, fall is dusk, summer is night, winter is snow)

The Map+Red Line in the Frame: Need to place the red line above the right location. You get the Africa piece from this.
Hint: The red book on the third shelf, upper half. (
Above England)

The Phone Codes: In order to get the hands off the broken clock, you must enter 2 codes into the phones on the second floor.
Hint: The first code is in a book. The second code requires a closer look at one item in your inventory and the code book on the bookshelf. (
135 for the minute hand. The second number is coded on the minute hand. It is 163)

The Sink Puzzle: You must use the 5dl and 3dl to get 4dl. The way to do this puzzle is in the step-by-step walkthrough below. You get the North America Piece from this.

The Last Door Panel: You need to fill the fishbowl up. You'll see 1972 on the marbles that float up. Finishes the game.
Hint: 1972 won't work. The ingame hint is symmetry, though I think it's more like REFLECTION. (
1=3,9=7,7=9,2=2. 3792)

3 Monkeys: You need to place the HEAR, SPEAK and SEE no evil monkeys in the right order in the slot next to the brown door downstairs.
Hint: Do NOT listen to the hint on the door. That's NOT the right order. (

1. Get TAPE off of the white door.

2. Tap the blue+gold tapestry hanging off the wall to get a close look. Tap it again and take the MT. FUJI TILE.

((Go right))

3. Take a closer look at the book cases. The right book case contains various hints. You can take a closer look at the upper and lower half of the book case. Contains hints for the 3 tiles and the barred door, the map under the goat's head, the seasons puzzle on the second floor

4. Take a closer look at the left bookcase. See the strange rail inbetween the two bookcases? Tap it. Then tap the left side of the left bookcase to push it aside. Click the new space and pick up the HAWK TILE.

((Go right))

5. Tap the pots on top of the fire place. There's METAL TONGS in the middle pot. The broken clock is for later on, but you need to get past the barred door first.

((Go right))

6. Tap the fishbowl on the small table once. Tap the bottom of the table to see and get the EGGPLANT TILE.

7. Now back out and tap the fishbowl until you're close enough to see an ugly crack in the side. Use the TAPE on it.

(Take note of the weird, yellow thing on the slightly ajar window above the fishbowl. That's for later)

8. Back out. Now look at the framed paper under the goat head. Tap the red line until it's above the right place and the frame slides away. (Hint on right bookshelf) Take AFRICA PIECE.

9. No, you're not done here yet. Take a close look at the 3 animals. Now, you have to take a close look at each and focus on their text (you should get that 'there's a message here' message). Once you do that, tap the light text scratched onto the same table (the weak to left the strong go right). Now you can move the pieces. Just tap one piece once and tap another animal you wish to swap it with. The order is LION, SNAKE, HAWK. After, the snake should drop the RED EYE. Take it.

((Go right))

10. Now you have all 3 TILES for the barred door. The hint for the order is on the right bookshelf, or if you just know about these Japanese New Years symbols already. Once they're in, open it.

((Go up))

11. Take a closer look at the left candle arch until you see the 4 seasons puzzle. The hint for this is on the right bookcase. Don't complain, get your butt down there and find that book. Once it's right, back out twice and tap the drawer right under the puzzle. Take the BLUE EYE.

12. Check out the statue. Put the RED EYE in the right and the BLUE EYE in the left. Back out a lil' bit and tap the square under her head. Grab the SEE NO EVIL MONKEY.

13. Check out the globe in the right candle arch. Place the AFRICA PIECE in. Note that North America is missing.

14. Time for some logic. Wack the locked cabinet with your METAL TONGS. Get the hose from the inside. Totally makes sense... *coughs* It's take more than one hit and you should get the 'bang bang' message. You probably know what this is for already, but you CAN'T USE THE HOSE YET. YOU NEED TO FINISH THE MONKEY PUZZLE FIRST.

15. Now check the phone. It needs 3 numbers. No, it's not 413 (no one will get this reference why do I even bother). The hint is from the bookshelf. Dude, I ain't going to do everything for you! Now get back down there and find that book! If you do it right, you hear a click. That's the sound of the MINUTE HAND falling off of the broken clock downstairs. Grab the MINUTE HAND. The hour hand is still stuck though.

16. To get the HOUR HAND OFF, check the MINUTE HAND in your inventory and tap it so you can see a code in the back. Use one of the books on the bookshelf- forget it. I'll write it out.
(6+2) x 3 / 6 + 159 Don't forget PEMDAS, or order of operations

17. When it works, go down and grab the HOUR HAND. Combine the TWO HANDS by checking the MINUTE HAND, highlighting the HOUR HAND and tapping the MINUTE HAND. Place the TWO HANDS onto the upstairs clock face. The compartment right under the clock face should open. move the ... swaying thing and grab the SPEAK NO EVIL MONKEY.

((Go into the bathroom, or through the nice, white door upstairs.))

18. Click the sink. Guess what? It's AWKWARD PUZZLE TIME. Be still my beating heart. Anyway, you need 4dl but you only have a 5dl and a 3 dl bottle. Either put on your Prof Layton hats or just follow my instructions.
-Tap the 5dl bottle to fill it up (5, 0)
-Tap the 5dl bottle and then tap the empty 3dl bottle (2, 3)
-Empty out the 3dl bottle (2, 0)
-Tap the 5dl bottle and then tap the empty 3dl bottle (0,2)
-Tap the 5dl bottle to fill it up (5, 2)
-Tap the 5dl bottle and then tap the 3dl bottle (4, 3)
-Tap the 4dl plate. DONE!
*Note: To empty a bottle, click the filled bottle and then click the sink drain, I think. Sorry, I deleted this game quite some time ago.

Open the small drawer under the 4dl plate and take the NORTH AMERICA PIECE.
Note the bathtub and the familiar yellow thing on the windowsill.

((Go back out))

19. Put the NORTH AMERICA PIECE onto the globe. Open the globe and get the HEAR NO EVIL MONKEY.

((Go downstairs))

20. Go to the area with the fireplace. Check out the compartment right next to the bookshelf. Place the THREE MONKEYS in the right order. (SEE, SPEAK, HEAR). You hear a click and the brown door (same area) has a key pad now. But you need to fill up the fishbowl first.

((go upstairs))

21. Go into the bathroom and check the facet on the tub. Use the HOSE on it, back out and then tap the window to string the HOSE out.

((go downstairs))

22. Go to the fishbowl and look out the window. Use the METAL TONGS to grab the hose and bring it inside. Go upstairs and turn on the facet in the bathroom.

23. See the beads float up. There are numbers. It's 1972 NOT 1672. The hint is symmetry. It's talking about the key pad. For example, 4=6, 5=5, 7=9... Use that to find the code.



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Nov. 2nd, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Abernathy Turner
Jan. 17th, 2012 07:49 am (UTC)
water bottles in bathroom sink
I filled the 5dl bottle then the 3 but can't empty the 3dl bottle! I am so frustrated! Please help.
Feb. 22nd, 2012 09:54 pm (UTC)
Re: water bottles in bathroom sink
Woah, late late late response! Whoops!

Sorry, but I deleted the game already. :c If I remember correctly, I think it was something about clicking the desired bottle, so it's highlighted/levitating/whatever, and then clicking the sink drain.
Maja Svrd
Mar. 28th, 2012 03:25 pm (UTC)
I cant get the code to the telephone!
Plz help!
Mieke Verhoeven
Aug. 28th, 2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
(6+2) x 3 / 6 + 159 doesn't work (android)

I've tried everything, but the solution to this puzzel doesn't drop the hour hand. "nothing happened"

On other websites I've found that you need to click the hour hand first so that the message shows up "how can I get it". And that you need to check the book with the code before entering the result of the puzzel.

I've done all of this, but my code isn't accepted. And I'm sure it is the code!


May Delara
Oct. 18th, 2012 07:33 am (UTC)
i can't get the code for the key pad..plz help me:)
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